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When I'm not acting or singing, I also work as a Freelance SEO Writer, specializing in pop culture and lifestyle. Below is my Writing Resume available to download and some of my favorite writing samples. When I'm not writing editorially, I'm also a poet and a songwriter. I'm available for poetry readings (both in person and virtually).

Bio: Ariel Kurtz (She/Hers/Her) is a Lifestyle and Pop Culture Writer. Her previous work has been seen in TBD Health, Hey Alma and Funny Women. She is passionate about sharing stories about nontraditional families, disability advocacy and intersectional feminism. 

Ariel Kurtz's Writing Resume November 2022

Lifestyle Samples:
I'm Jewish and My Birthday Is On Christmas Eve (Insider)-December 2022
A Very 2008 Period Story (TBD Health)-August 2022
Improvising Ambition (Funny Women)-January 2021

Pop Culture Samples:

Where Are The TV Shows and Movies About Jewish High School Girls? (Hey Alma)-February 2022
How Sesame Street Has Changed Children's Media Around The World (NY Gal)-November 2020
How The Jonas Brothers Helped Me Find Happiness Again (Self-Published, Medium)-August 2020


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